Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Uncontrollable, Pure, Vivid.

A set of love questions with Olivia who blogs over at Life... Full Speed Ahead

Do you believe in soulmates?
I do. But I don't think there is just one. Each person has far too many traits/characteristics too evenly match up with another. The possibilities are endless. It's up to you to find the one that evokes true love.

What things in your own life do you consider beautiful - or inspirational?
A lot of the artwork from when I was younger really keeps me going these days. I look at it and see a mind free of worry and how everything to me during that moment was about that moment. I try to live by that now and am inspired to not dwell about the past or the future with those old pieces of art.

What do you think it means to really love someone?
I think to really love someone you must open up your life to them. No secrets, no worrying if this or that will make you look bad, just completely openness and honesty. And of course some laughter.

Three words that you think describe love.
Uncontrollable. Pure. Vivid.

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