Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Best Medicine.

Sometimes a kiss is the best medicine of all..

Vintage Fokus.

Lovely readers, the tally for the blog is in! I got 9 comments, and every single one of the answers were beautiful! I was so glad to see how much you all love love.. and so greatful that everybody took the time out to reply and enter!

Our lucky number was number 9 which is the lovely owner of blog Vintage Fokus! It's a very cute blog, and contributes on I Op Therefore I am (which is one of my fave op shop blogs!)

I love what she loves about love, don't you?
Get in touch via and send me your details, so I can send you your lovely present :)

Monday, June 28, 2010

My Man.

Have you entered my giveaway?

To my dear, lovely man,
I may not be perfect,
And I might be in a grump, 95% of the time,
But you can waltz in,
And light up the whole room,
I am so in love with everything about you,
Your stupid beard,
Your gorgeous eyes,
The way you hold me,
And try to make everything better.
I will never, ever give up.
You are amazing,
And I love you.
Love, your love ridden girlfriend

Let's Just Fix This.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Intimacy Is Sexy.

Have you entered my giveaway yet?

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Monday, June 21, 2010

Sexy Side,

Your hands,
move down the curve of my back,
your lips rest on my neck,
your warm breath skims my lips,
your fingertips trace the outline of my body,
every movement begs begs me to reach out for you,
and slowly,
my hands will move,
my lips will kiss,
my breath will cause tingles,
and my fingertips will create soft moans,
and I will fall into your body, as you will fall into mine.

Have you entered my giveaway yet?

Soft Side,

You don't get it.
You, turn me on.
You and that smile of yours,
and the way you move.
You mean so much more to me than anyone in this whole world.
And you annoy me more than I can bare,
And I want to yell at you all the time,
But then you do this thing,
where you become so utterly irresistable,
that I can't help but want you.
Constantly, every minute of every day.
I want to throw my arms around you,
and feel warm, and safe.
I want to kiss you,
and feel tingles of excitement and passion running through my veins.
You are what makes my heart beat frantically, what kickstarts those darn butterflies.
What makes my whole world turn upside down, and the other way around.
You've got me hooked.
This, imperfect perfect relationship is what I want.
You are what I need.

Have you entered my giveaway yet?

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Give Away!

So many things have gone wrong this week,
I got the flu, got over the flu and then got a cold.
My computer had a breakdown, started working, and then completely died..

But now, I am only a little sniffly, and have a shiny new laptop so I can resume regular blogging on my beloved Vivre, Rire, Aimer!

So I know you are all itching to enter my Giveaway!
I don't have a picture of it all together but I can tell you theres some super cute love-ly stuff :)

So heres the deal:
All you have to do is comment, and tell me something you love about love and your name. It's that easy. And a love-ly parcel just may be on it's way to you in the mail!

Starts: 9:00pm 16th June
Finishes: 12:00pm June 30th

You can only enter once!
Good luck lovely readers ♥

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Stories, Hearts.

Tell me your stories?
Let's fall in love together?

Monday, June 7, 2010

Computer Crashes.

These are the things dreams are made of..

I'm sorry I haven't updated on here for ages! My computer has been giving me the biggest hassles in the world. So I thought I'd do a whole post of lovely pictures to try and brighten my mood a bit!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Give Away & Formspringin!

So, tonight I jumped on the formspring bandwagon!
I figured, I would give you guys the site address, so if you feel like asking personal questions, want some advice, want to get to know me a little better - you can go to and ask away, and of course in return I will answer all of your questions very willingly! And please do ask, I really want some questions on there :)

P.S, are you guys excited?! My 300th post is fast approaching which means it's nearly giveaway time! So please stay tuned!
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