Monday, June 21, 2010

Soft Side,

You don't get it.
You, turn me on.
You and that smile of yours,
and the way you move.
You mean so much more to me than anyone in this whole world.
And you annoy me more than I can bare,
And I want to yell at you all the time,
But then you do this thing,
where you become so utterly irresistable,
that I can't help but want you.
Constantly, every minute of every day.
I want to throw my arms around you,
and feel warm, and safe.
I want to kiss you,
and feel tingles of excitement and passion running through my veins.
You are what makes my heart beat frantically, what kickstarts those darn butterflies.
What makes my whole world turn upside down, and the other way around.
You've got me hooked.
This, imperfect perfect relationship is what I want.
You are what I need.

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1 comment:

  1. This makes me smile a BIG smile. I love that you feel this way! I love that you're this happy, and grateful.


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