Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Give Away!

So many things have gone wrong this week,
I got the flu, got over the flu and then got a cold.
My computer had a breakdown, started working, and then completely died..

But now, I am only a little sniffly, and have a shiny new laptop so I can resume regular blogging on my beloved Vivre, Rire, Aimer!

So I know you are all itching to enter my Giveaway!
I don't have a picture of it all together but I can tell you theres some super cute love-ly stuff :)

So heres the deal:
All you have to do is comment, and tell me something you love about love and your name. It's that easy. And a love-ly parcel just may be on it's way to you in the mail!

Starts: 9:00pm 16th June
Finishes: 12:00pm June 30th

You can only enter once!
Good luck lovely readers ♥


  1. what do i love about love?

    i love everything including the fights and all the arguments we had, when i just cried like shit and i love the feelings when i don't have to pretend cool or look nice in front of him. i love it when i am with him i can feel the safeness and all the things that came naturally. oh, by the way, my name is nadya. :)

  2. What could I possible love about "LOVE"? My friends call me a masochist 'cause I love all the drama of love, the heart aches, all the rough fights we have. I like it when we fight and I wanna leave his apartment, but he doesn't let me go and holds me "hostage" in bed. Him holding me tight in his arms, kissing my back, my hands. Saying he's always gonna be there for me, and that he cares. And how we fall asleep like that. Then in the morning he gets up first and starts playing his classic guitar to wake me up gently.
    I love the fun times we had... always saying silly things and laugh out loud. And how we always tease each other. And I mean ALWAYS!
    "Love" is great, but "love with HIM" is always better. 'Cause he's the one for me and he's always gonna be there for me, even if we'll never be actually together, girlfriend and boyfriend. We're friends, we're soul mates, we're perfect. And I love it! ♥

  3. Awesome!! I'm so glad you're better and that you got a new laptop. Congrats! =)

    What I love about love?
    The warmth. The excitement. The flirting. The giggles. The butterflies in my tummy. The passion. The stolen kisses and the delicious kisses. His arms around me. His strong body against mine. His gentle hands. How comfortable I am when I am loved. How beautiful it makes me feel. How the world can fall apart but I'll be okay. We'll be okay... How we can talk and talk and share things, for hours on end. How I can fall asleep in his arms. The things he does for me. The way he looks at me and the way I see him through my eyes. The way all the colors in the world are brighter and clearer when you have so much love and happiness in your heart and your soul and all you want to do is scream it out to the world and share it with everyone. I even like the fights. It's necessary. But better than that... I like making up. I love the soft words spoken between two people. I love the naughty grins on lovers faces. I love the sparkle in a lover's eye. I even love the sweet smell of passion.

    Maryke Laetitia is my full name (not including my surname). Laetitia means 'Lover of the Sea' or 'Child of the Sea'. I find this very ironic. Very special. Very me.

  4. What I love about love is knowing that even if I go a bit crazy, that Love will still be there the next day.

    My name's Amy (:

  5. The best thing about love, is the anticipation, that one day, I might actually fall into it.. and never look back.

  6. I love to love, I love this feeling of having butterflies in my stomach, this excitement and a small anxiety! I love to feel I can move mountains and even the rainy and crappy day can be seen by me as the most incredible and extraordinary moments in my whole life. I love the fact that love give me the strength and power to do impossible!!!

    I love to be in love!!!

  7. My parents died, and I was sitting on the floor, listening to sad songs from Evanescence, my tears streaming down my face and I was sobbing. My lovely man came over to me and said: " This is what helps, baby, so just cry and be sad for a while. It's all you can do". That's love for me!

  8. I've never been in love until about 9-10 months ago when I met him and now I can't imagine how I ever got through life without love. Being in love is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I wake up every morning knowing that I have someone out there who loves and adores me no matter what I do and it makes me feel so safe and secure.

    Here's what I love about love:
    When I come home at three in the morning from the library after studying for orgo, I walk into my room and see him on my chair helping me fold the laundry. And when I brush my teeth and go to sleep, he's right there next to me.

    I love the friendship. The companionship. The simpleness. The happiness :)

    Have you ever heard the song Replay by Iyaz? He wrote that song for me since my name is Melody ;D
    okay, lame I know...but still >D

  9. What I love about love...

    The feeling you get from your first kiss,
    to finding the perfect partner,
    and meeting your baby feels like bliss
    all this makes your heart a flutter!

    VF @

  10. I love waking up in it and going to sleep in it. I love breathing it in everyday as I feel totally surrounded by it. Love gives me life.


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