Friday, April 9, 2010

Everything You Want, Everything You Need.

I want to be the girl you take silly photo's with,
when we try to take nice photo's.

I want to be the girl who you can lie with,
kiss all over,
hold tightly,
without ever having to speak a word.

I want to be your happily ever after,
sweep me off my feet and kiss me til I'm alive when I'm down

I want to be the girl you fall in love with every time you see me,
fall in lust with,
fall head over heels by my very present.

I want to be the girl who you tell is the most beautiful thing you have ever seen,
even when I'm 70 and filled with laugh lines..
I want to be the one you choose to grow old with.
I'm giving you my everything,
my promise to love you
my promise to hold you
my promise to stick by you
my promise to tickle you, and be annoying.
I want to be everything you want, everything you need.

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