Tuesday, April 13, 2010



Alot of people make promises.
Promises that they can’t keep. I
t has always made me wonder why we do this, as it seems stupid.
Yet, i make promises myself that i can not keep.
I think we make promises to ones we love to keep them happy.
To friends to keep them happy.
Family, to keep them happy.
It’s funny how many people can say they will promise to do something, and never have any intention of doing it.
I have done this, i know you have too.
But after all the intention given, and the hurt recieverd from many a broken promise, i still find the urge to promise you the world.
I can’t promise that we wont fight, or that every day will be as great as the last, but what i can promise you is that i will love you forever, and always, with every inch of my heart.

Awh! Sometimes my man is too cute when it comes to writing! And he thinks he's no good!

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  1. Oh I love this!! =D You're right! He's too cute! TAKE CARE


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