Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tell Me Something!

In the face of all of these New Years Resolutions about being thinner, healthier, losing weight etc..
I want to know, despite what you may see in the mirror.
One thing that you love about yourself?
The one thing you would never trade?

Please comment, I need some good vibes from my lovely readers, there are far too many 'I'm fat' posts going around in this blogosphere of late!

If you want to see my answer, I'll be first to comment telling you exactly what i think about the question :)


  1. I love my eyes.
    Somedays blue, somedays green, other days in between.
    Either way I think they're as sexy and beautiful!

  2. My pink cheeks & hazel eyes! :) <3

  3. I love me eyes too. But not because they're hazel-red, or cause they're always big and bright and joyful. But because the love of my life said and I quote "I never saw such big entities in my life! they're so biiiig and they stare at you everytime you look at them! I just love your beautiful big happy eyes..."(in a childish tone of voice).

  4. my eyes of course.. i also like my lips! :D
    love your blog..

  5. I love my eyes, my lips.
    And I would never want to lose my two favorite birthmarks.. I don't know why but I just love them :)

  6. Hiya girl!
    I get to know ur blog today and i read all of the posts and it ABSOLUTELY amazed me!!! It's wonderful and u should be wonderful too, coz theese pictures are all of my thoughts :)
    so come on, it's gorgeous

    and I love my eyes coz my love also loves my eyes :)

  7. I love my hair,
    It's very thick, dark, long
    and it has sooo much volume.
    Would'nt trade it for nothing in the world


  8. I love my eyes. For being so unique, and because they are neither green or blue, with random brown spots in them.
    And my Marilyn Monroe style mole :)


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