Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I Ask You.

Does anyone still write love letters?
Or are they a long lost tradition?


  1. I personally love love letters... it's a pity no one has the guts to write one anymore... even though they seem to have the urge to do it.
    What a shame... to not have the courage to write down what you feel or to simply say it.

  2. I wish people would write/send them more often :)

  3. I like to believe that people still do, whether it's in hard-copy form, a thread of text messages, or just a simple email. They're vastly underrated but always over-appreciated.

    I too wished it was done more often!

  4. I still do! More of notes, every now and then. :)

  5. Not really love letters, but I do send cards! To tell him how much I love him. Since he doesn't live that close it's way more personal than a text or an email. And I just love writing cards and letters!


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