Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Lovely Love Letter.

Thank You.
Thank you for the things you do.
For always calling when i need you.
For hugs and kisses.
For saying nice things.
For breaking the ice.
For looking after me when i feel bad.
For making me dinners.
For coming out to lunches with me.
For drinking with me.
For partially sharing my love of sports.
For putting up with me.
For dealing with the shit i give you.
For being beautiful.
For being so very smart.
For presents and letters.
For making me happy.
For being happy with me.
And for being amazing.
Thank you for being you.

This love letter was written by my amazing boyfriend, and it is simply too cute too not share with everyone.

If you haven't yet seen this post, please check it out and comment!


  1. What an awesome letter! You're such a lucky girl! =D

  2. i wish my boyfriend would write me a love letter


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