Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Magical Couple Photos.

Lovely readers, have you given me ideas yet?
P.S; how amazing are sunset/beach coupley photos.. So magical!


  1. Gorgeous pictures!!! =) Adore pics like these... yes... magical! (My idea all there is???)

  2. Ah... there are very few things more beautiful than a couple on a beach at sunset.. or sunrise.

    As for an idea.. that's a hard one. Love isn't about things, it's about people. And even the things that matter to people only matter because they were given out of love by the people that gave them in the first place.. humm..

    So then, I guess it wouldn't really matter what you give anyways, as long as it's given out of love, right?

    I'll try and think up another idea in the future, I'm brain-dead at one in the morning. Sorry.


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