Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My Love.

Four years ago,
I met you,
Four years ago,
I fell for you,
Head over heels.

Now, I know, for certain,
That I want every single bit of you,
It might be idealistic, I might be crazy for believing in forever,
But somewhere deep inside knows that this is the real, let's-grow-old-together kind of love.
I love you with everything I have, And I will always, always love you.

I want to spend the rest of my life creating memories with you,
And writing you love letters.
I want to go to gigs with you when we're 50,
And develop the most prominent laugh lines.

I want to be your only one, your partner in crime, your ying, your jig, your lover, your 'misses', your good morning kisses, your goodnight cuddles, your everything.

I love you baby, now, forever, always.
Happy anniversary, to us.


  1. Happy Anniversary ... TO YOU BOTH!!!!! =)

  2. Big Congrats! Keep the love blooming =), your writing is beautifuL!

  3. Belated happy anniversary... i dont know u, u dont know me... but i am hooked to your writings.. love each of ur posts... its like, things i would have did or said, if i ever had chances for that...anyways, May God bless you both!


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