Monday, February 15, 2010

I Wonder.

What makes you happy?
I want to know the one thing that without fail makes you smile :)


  1. When he pulls me towards him and holds me so close that his whole body is screaming 'I WANT YOU I NEED YOU!!!!' And I can play with his hair... BLISS!!

    When he suddenly grabs me and swings me around, laughing like a kid at Christmas.

    When he's being silly and 'macho' for me.

    When he does the unexpected...

    When my cat cuddles up to me with all that love and trust in his eyes and body.

    When I can smell the rain or the newly cut grass.

    When the food I make comes out YUMMY.

    My grandmothers food.

    My grandfathers stories.


  2. a cocker spaniel will ALWAYS make me smile!
    love your blog <3


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