Sunday, September 6, 2009

I Want Your Input.

Great Loves.
Great 'Ones'.

Have you ever seen yourself saying "This is the one"?
Or are you adament that there is no 'one' person?
Do you believe in soulmates?
Do you believe in many mates?

So I'm leaving it up to interpretation.
Please comment, I want to know everyones thoughts. And feel very free to share whatever you think.


  1. My brain says "no" but my heart "YES!".

  2. There has only been one time where I've felt that someone is absolutely "the one"...i believe that time in just not ready for "us" right now, but that it will work out...

    I think there are many people you can get along with and could "settle" with, but i really do think there is someone that just get's you :)

  3. I think God has someone set aside for you that is your one; that said, I think one or both of you can mess it up...and I think you can find happiness with another, but not to the extent that you would with the one.

  4. I believe we have soulmates and we have a lifemate. I stress the plurality of the former and the singularity of the latter. Sometimes, our soulmates are those we can't have, for one reason or another. I really think destiny works in a funny way, in that way.

    But the One? Sometimes the right one walks into our lives at the right time, and he or she becomes the One. I think we are all lucky enough to feel this at some point, maybe even several times in our lives.

  5. i don't believe that we each have one person, i think of it more as having a pool where the potential soulmates swim. these would be the people that we're most compatible with, the ones who could love you and be loved back equally. and sometimes i guess the ones who are harder to reach or find or who have tried and failed at a relationship with you would be swimming in the deep end :P

    you change during your life, right? so it would be exeedingly difficult to find the "one" who is perfect for you your whole lifetime.

  6. there are too many human beings in the world to say that just one is meant for one person...but on another level, for some reason, we feel something so much deeper with one person over another..and if it ends, it often doesn't happen again. I believe in connections, and in love..but I can't believe that there is only one out there for us. maybe just...a number of special ones, and we just haven't met them yet. maybe never will, but the potential for love is there.

  7. I believe that there's a soulmate. I think a soulmate is someone whom you know in the depths of your heart that he. Is. The. One.

    When you see his pretty face, look into his inky eyes, hold his big hands, hear his gentle voice and listen to the things he says, your heart will go athumping. You would marvel at this person. You would marvel at how this person make you feel. This magical feeling that no one else makes you feel.

    But, I also believe that not everyone will end up with his/her soulmate. If you're together with HIM now, do count your blessings. Not everyone is as lucky as you (: Hold on to him.

  8. I believe in soulmates (you'll feel your soul smile and rejoice in the recognition of them).


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